Many of English had their first taste of Nepalese food at Monty's. What started as a tiny small restaurant on West London's South Ealing 22 years ago, has grown into a leading role of restaurants that has profoundly changed UK's eating habits.

When the first Monty's opened in 1980, Nepalese cuisine was unknown to the United Kingdom and the idea of having a chef prepare a meal at your table was completely unheard of. Blending exotic Nepalese dishes with a dazzling chef performance may have been a radical idea, but it was the recipe for success at Monty's.

By bringing Nepalese food into the mainstream and pioneering its "eatertainment" style of presentation, Monty's has also paved the way in England for the popularity of other Nepalese and Indian cooking styles and food products. Chicken Tikka Masala(name originally come from Indian Dish) is now a favorite all over the UK. and masala sauce has become a staple in numerous Indians and Nepalese kitchens, all thanks to Monty's.

This incredible Monty's success story really had its roots in England.

The family's (Mr.Thapa) son grew up with the tiny Monty's, which later became a full service restaurant. He understood the restaurant business from the ground up - the importance of absolute cleanliness in the kitchen, using the freshest ingredients and the very best cooking tools money could buy.

The eldest son, Prakash (Prakash Sing Thapa) also grasped the important lesson of offering guests something out of the ordinary and he could not help but inherit his father's appreciation for the "theatrical." There was something magical about this combination and the thought stayed with him.

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